Carry It – Panel Carry Tool (Twin Pack)



Carry It Is A Three In One Tool For Easy Transportation And Installation Of Sheet Materials

Carry It was designed by builders to address the arduous task  of transporting plasterboard around the work site. When carrying plasterboard unaided the wrists get put in very unnatural positions causing discomfort. The Carry It tool addresses this by keeping the hand in a natural position when holding onto the handle. 

Through the development stage of the Carry It tool further installation issues were identified  and subsequent product features developed.

  • Lower back pain
  • Walking through door ways
  • Levering sheets off the ground.
  • Supporting ceiling sheets

The end result is a 3-in-1 tool that truly benefits the user through the transportation and installation of sheet materials.


Panel Carry

Carry It, for the transportation of sheet materials such as plasterboard and plywood.
The length of the main body lowers a standard 1200mm wide sheet to a comfortable height enabling the user to see over the top of, when walking around the building site, identifying possible hazards. It also allows the user to walk comfortably through a standard door height without having to bend the back or lower the sheet.

Support & Align

With the use of a standard 32mm course thread screw, Carry It is fixed through the taper of a previously installed plasterboard sheet into the ceiling batten/joist.
The handle of Carry It tool now acts as a support and guide for the next sheet of sheet of plasterboard to be installed. This feature virtually eliminates the need for a 3rd person when fixing long sheets of plasterboard.

Foot Lever

The Carry It tool can also be used for levering plasterboard off the ground. this is done in order to attain a tight join between top and bottom wall sheets as well as creating a gap between the plasterboard and the ground for moisture control. The ability to control the levering of plasterboard with only the user’s feet relieves the back of added strain from continually bending over.