About Carry It

Carry It Is A Three In One Tool For Easy Transportation And Installation Of Sheet Materials Throughout The Building Site.

Carry It was designed by builders to address the arduous task  of transporting plasterboard around the work site. When carrying plasterboard unaided the wrists get put in very unnatural positions causing discomfort. The Carry It tool addresses this by keeping the hand in a natural position when holding onto the handle. 

Through the development stage of the Carry It tool further installation issues were identified  and subsequent product features developed.

  • Lower back pain
  • Walking through door ways
  • Levering sheets off the ground.
  • Supporting ceiling sheets

The end result is a 3-in-1 tool that truly benefits the user through the transportation and installation of sheet materials.

Cost Of Lifting Accidents in the Construction Industry

Percentage of Days Off work in Construction Industry caused by lifting injuries0%

Total Days Off Work

Percentage of Lifting Injury Costs incurred by Construction industry 0%

Construction is the highest of all industries to incur lifting related injuries, costing over $30 million per year. $30,213,597 2014-2015 (Source: ACC)



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